Month: November 2023

Bonds are a common investment option for individuals looking to generate income or preserve capital. While bonds can offer steady returns and relative safety compared to other investment types, they are not without risks. Understanding the risks associated with bonds is crucial in making informed investment decisions. By understanding and evaluating these risks, investors can
Precious metals have attracted traders and investors for centuries. From the bustling bazaars of ancient civilisations to the digital marketplaces of today, the trading of precious metals, such as gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, remains a lucrative and appealing venture. In this guide, Octa endeavours to uncover the intricacies of precious metals trading, providing clear
While the economic situation in many South American countries remains quite unstable, the local online commerce platform MercadoLibre continues its month-by-month growth. However, it’s a stretch to call it merely “local”, considering South and Central America’s status as a robust emerging market. MercadoLibre stocks have already increased by more than 65% since the beginning of