Month: September 2023

Fed chief Jerome Powell’s hawkish speech after the regulator decided to leave the policy rate unchanged, to put it mildly, did not inspire investors. The economy is already suffering the consequences of tight monetary policy, with a growing number of corporate bankruptcies and rising overhead costs. And now, there are even more rate hikes on
Decentralized ledger platform Radix Publishing has celebrated the successful completion of its long-anticipated Babylon mainnet upgrade. The Babylon upgrade represents the end of the Olympia era and has been hailed by Radix as a game-changing moment for Web3 and the wider DeFi space. The Babylon mainnet upgrade has been described as a “substantial update” to
In recent years, the world of cryptocurrency trading has witnessed the meteoric rise of Shiba Inu. This meme coin captured the imagination of investors worldwide; however, along with this exponential increase in popularity comes a high degree of price volatility. This article assesses how the Shiba Inu price impacts inherent benefits and risks for traders,
TYRION, an innovative force in the realm of decentralized digital advertising, proudly announces the launch of its revolutionary blockchain advertising technology. This launch marks a radical shift in an aging industry that has seen little innovation in the past decade–and that is currently centralized and dominated by two tech behemoths. In the age of digital
Hydranet, known for its expertise in off-chain trading, just released the Hydranet DEX, a Layer 3 trading platform that integrates multiple off-chain protocols to enable trustless, cost-effective and near-instant cross-chain trading. The Hydranet DEX made its official debut as a mainnet beta on September 23, 2023, following more than a year of dedicated development. The
The industry’s elite were on full display on Thursday evening with the highly anticipated UF AWARDS Global 2023 ceremony making a noteworthy splash. All the top brands across multiple industry verticals within fintech and financial services were vying for the distinguished honours. Following over a month of tight voting and nominations from their industry peers,
Sometimes, you do your work well and even exceed the expectations of your boss and teammates. But such impressive results might not be enough. Seemingly, it’s exactly what happened with Adobe and its stocks. Let’s figure out why the company’s shares drowned after the financial report, and why analysts still look at this asset positively.
The Open Network (TON) Foundation has partnered with Chainbase and Tencent Cloud to simplify blockchain development as the Foundation ushers in the next era of Web3 mass adoption across the Asia-Pacific region. As one of the world’s leading cloud providers, Tencent Cloud offers reliable computing resources and optimized network connectivity through its global cloud infrastructure.
The Algorand Foundation, the organization focused on growing the ecosystem for the world’s most advanced, secure and reliable layer-1 blockchain, announces the opening of registration for Build-A-Bull, a global virtual hackathon with $200,000 (USD) in prizes. The hackathon, powered by Algorand Ventures and in collaboration with AWS, will run from October 18 through November 15,
Here’s a riddle for adults: countries stop using it, analysts predict its decline and regression, but it continues to strengthen. What is it all about? If you answered the U.S. dollar, you are absolutely right. Despite the expressed plans by BRICS leaders to increase the use of national currencies for trade and investment purposes, the
AllianceBlock recently introduced the Nexera Exchange, a novel take on a decentralized exchange with an array of cutting-edge features, which aims to create a secure, and user-centric trading platform. Today, we are delighted to share that Nexera has added an innovative on-chain limit order book on the exchange. The Nexera Exchange ( is more than
Xsolla, a global video game commerce company, has announced a new online destination called Xsolla Mall. This platform allows video games to host multiple landing pages where players can access exclusive in-game items, game discounts, and premium experiences directly from developers and publishers or via campaigns with content creators and payment providers. Developers can showcase
Investing in financial markets can be immensely profitable but also carries significant risk. To be successful, investors must consistently find winning trades across constantly changing market conditions. This requires advanced skills and extensive experience. For beginners or those lacking the time to trade themselves, Copy Trading provides an accessible alternative. PrimeXBT Copy Trading enables anyone
FBS, a leading global broker, proudly unveils its new #TradersKnowBetter approach, placing traders at the forefront of its mission. Through this initiative, the broker announces its unwavering commitment to providing secure financial services trusted by traders worldwide. In today’s digital landscape, where cyber threats loom large, ensuring security is integral to online trading. Having placed
The liquidity provider market is exceptionally challenging because we all offer very similar solutions. Additionally, many companies, out of concern for the highest quality of services, are operating under specific Regulators, which may be a factor that reduces the possibility of making a difference from other providers. In a market as saturated as this, the
Unveiling a new era in cryptocurrency trading, LeveX brings to the fore an unprecedented integration of social trading into its platform, fostering a vibrant and connected trading community. Beyond this landmark feature, LeveX also offers a plethora of innovations, enhancing the trading experience like never before. LeveX: A Leading Edge in Cryptocurrency Exchanges At its