Month: June 2023

PayRetailers, the leading payment processor in Latin America, has integrated PIX, the flagship payment system of Brazil, into its all-in-one payment platform. PIX is a real-time payment system introduced by the Central Bank of Brazil in November 2020. This integration marks a significant milestone in the transformation of the payment landscape and has been inspiring, today announced the acquisition of Subzee, a billing platform specializing in managing usage and recurring pricing models, expanding its leading CPQ into a complete Quote-to-Revenue platform. The new offering empowers Sales and Finance teams to seamlessly manage the entire revenue lifecycle, addressing all revenue streams including recurring, one-time, milestone, consumption and PLG. As the
Identifying market trends helps people invest with profit and achieve their financial goals. In 2023-2024, the market trends will be influenced by three high-level factors: U.S. interest rates, growing regional competition, and the new energy balance. The OctaFX experts have analysed their possible impact on the world economy. U.S. interest rates are a litmus test