Month: February 2023

ICYMI, this report from Bloomberg (gated) citing data it compile from data from Kpler. as many as 1.9 million barrels of Russian diesel-type fuel is currently in floating storage, the most since October 2020 indicates some cargoes loaded from Russian ports without buyers fears of a shortage prompted European refiners to boost production to prepare
Over the past 24 hours, Bitcoin has fallen 0.25% to $23.4K. The total capitalisation of the crypto market has fallen 0.3% to $1.07 trillion. The slight decline came despite a rebound in global stock indices. The crypto market has seen minimal changes since the start of the day, indicating a wait-and-see attitude. The short-term technical
Brokerage apps are mobile applications that individuals use to manage their investments and trade securities, such as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. These apps are provided by online brokerage firms that facilitate securities buying and selling for their clients. Users can open and manage brokerage accounts, access market data, and research reports to make informed
<ul class="text-align-start vertical-align-baseline"><li class="vertical-align-baseline"><a href="" target="_blank" rel="follow">Prior </a>was -11</li><li class="vertical-align-baseline">Manufacturing shipments -15 vs -3 prior</li><li class="vertical-align-baseline">New orders -24 vs -24 prior</li><li class="vertical-align-baseline">Backlog of orders -29 vs -31</li><li class="vertical-align-baseline">Employees -7 vs -3 prior</li><li class="vertical-align-baseline">Prices paid 7.90 vs 7.91 prior </li><li class="vertical-align-baseline">Prices received 5.54 versus 6152 prior</li><li class="vertical-align-baseline">capacity utilization -17 versus -7 prior</li><li class="vertical-align-baseline">Wages 31 vs 41
AAAFx, a trusted Forex and CFD brokerage part of Finvasia Group, hogs the media spotlight yet again. Entering the financial arena in 2008, AAAFx has demonstrated that being traditional means far more than gingerly tinkering around the edges of the past but rather being true to a solid set of values and mandates that most
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