Anhui province already had two counties in lockdown. Following info via Bloomberg:

  • Over the weekend reported 287 cases for Sunday
  • A lockdown was imposed in Lingbi county in northeastern Anhui from Friday afternoon, while the neighboring Si county conducted its sixth mass testing on Sunday.
  • Shanghai’s neighboring Jiangsu province reported 59 cases on Saturday, while the city of Wuxi found 35 infections on Sunday.
  • Shanghai reported three local cases Sunday.

Also, a new round of testing has begun in Macau.

Does anyone need reminding that China’s ‘zero’ policy (or whatever they call it now… does ‘economy-boosting home stay!’ have legs?) imposes severe economic costs (Of course health authorities in China are more concerned with keeping people free of the virus, with fears of overwhelming the health system. The home-grown vaccines do not seem to be up to the job).

Anhui province (arrow pointing to it).

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